Cheezus II

GenreDescriptionTechnologiesDevelopment Status
PlatformerThe Ten-Year SequelC++, SDLwip


Once, long ago, I made Cheezus. It was fun. It was educational. And it contained a promise for a sequel. That sequel was quickly designed and coding began forthwith. Three years later, development had tapered off because college and stuff. When I attempted to pick it up again, I said screw it and rewrote the whole goshdarn thing. Nearly seven years after that, guess what’s still not finished? And guess who’s older and wiser, enough NOT to say screw it and rewrite the whole goshdarn thing?

Yup. Staying true to my word, I am pulling this game kicking and screaming across the finish line.

In Progress. See continuing DevLog on TigSource and Twitter


Windows Mac Linux