GenreDescriptionTechnologiesDevelopment Status
2D Puzzle, EducationalA limited-edition addition addiction.C#, XNAfinished

Chromathud is a somewhat educational math-based rising block puzzle, developed on-and-off over several years in collaboration with Dave Silverman and featuring original music by Ben Roberts. The core mechanic is addition, but it plays a relatively small role in the overall gameplay. Blocks are numbered from 1 to 9 and they’re cleared by selecting a few blocks which add up to a randomly chosen target number.

The game is deceptively simple, but twists come in the form of time bonuses; penalties for deselecting blocks; and clearing by traditional groups of four or more touching blocks.


Alternatively, you may or may not be able to play it online via (formerly known as Spoon). We highly recommend downloading the installer, though. It won’t bite, honest!

Ye Olde Versions

These have been lost to the sands of time (actually, they’re hiding in SVN tags) but are listed here for historical reference.