GenreDescriptionTechnologiesDevelopment Status
Procedural, ArcadeSee. Hear. Shoot.C++, SDL, OpenGLfinished

Vec is a procedural, dual-axis, polar-coordinate arcade thing I worked on in 2015. It’s more of a toy than a game. Spin around, shoot things and make pretty designs.


After spending much of 2014 dabbling in modern tech like HTML5 and Unity and meeting with more frustration than productivity, I came to the unfortunate conclusion that the cool kids’ tools simply do not click with my brain; and in any case they aren’t well-suited to the synaesthetic procedural style of game that I’m trying to evolve. A winter’s worth of following Handmade Hero convinced me to go back to where I started, that is, SDL and the KISS principle. Right around GDC, I managed to break the triangle barrier and “find the fun” in the form of an unusual control scheme and a minimalist aesthetic.